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The Knight Rider

LCS’ newspaper, The Knight Rider, is a student-led publication written by our Newspaper Club. The paper is distributed weekly to keep our students and parents up to date on fundraisers, school events, test days, and more. One of the most popular articles in the Knight Rider is our Student Feature article. A different student is selected to be interviewed or submit artwork or short stories to be published. A pdf of The Knight Rider is available for download each week.

Our students are also involved in writing more specific and in-depth stories in the LCS blog, We Are Lighthouse. This blog covers topics important to our students such as chapel services, area events, and community service projects.

We Are Lighthouse Blog

Knight Rider 1-21-2021

By Lighthouse / January 24, 2021

Knight Rider 1-7-2021

By Lighthouse / January 7, 2021

Knight Rider 11-19-2020

By Lighthouse / November 19, 2020