Upper Level

March 18, 2020- Please click the link below to see a .PDF version of the alternative schedule of classes being offered next week. Please remember group times and dates cannot be altered so, if you cannot make your assigned time, please continue to do your daily work and call your teachers with any questions.

For our Unit Studies, the curriculum is bought and downloaded from a site called Teachers Pay Teachers. All the worksheets and projects we do are created by teachers, for teachers. Our high school class does a new one of these Unit Studies every 2 to 3 weeks, and this fundraiser is designed to help with the cost of those downloads. Please consider donating, every student in high school uses these and they make a big difference in our day to day learning. Click the link below for more details!


Our 2019-2020 high school supply lists is now available to download and print at your convenience. Just click the link!